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Monthly Archives: March 2015

A Guide To Use Recruitment Management System

The method of recruitment has completely changed in past few years and the new technology has completely replaced the old traditional method of recruitment. The essence of recruitment is same “to select a candidate” but the way to select the candidate has changed tremendously. In present time when everyone has accepted the technology as a part of their life recruiters are also not behind in the race. In the era of social media and latest gadgets recruiters also ready for the makeover and to reach the vast pool of candidates. In the present time most of the candidates search for the job openings using social media or other job portals. Now the candidates have become smarter and agile about their future prospect so before applying and job they thoroughly check the reviews and background of the company. Once they are satisfied in all ways then only they apply for the job so it has now become essential for the companies to built online reputation and…

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The Major Things That Your Recruitment Software Should Do

Over the last two decades recruitment software has evolved as a major tool that allows recruiter to maximize productivity. Staffing software helps in creating a central resume database which helps in search, choosing and classification of aspirants according to their proficiency, position and experience. Many recruiters have now accepted it as aid in Hr process .Recruitment software simplifies your work and saves your time .Many recruitment software offers many tools and in my opinion recruitment software should offer following tools. Planner: A planner is must for the success in any business .a software must have a planner to schedule various tasks that a recruiter performs. This tool allows you to plan your schedule for week, month, and day so that you can maximize your efficiency. Planner allows you to track your activities about telephone calls, telephone interviews, face to face interview and marketing calls. Resume parser: A parser is the must have tool for all the recruiting software. It is a innovative tool that allows…

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Staffing Software- Here’s Why Recruitment Agencies Love It

In modern era when we all are using technology everywhere, recruitment is not an exception. To meet the increasing demand and to be ahead in this competitive time the companies are using staffing software. This new innovative software has made the process of staffing easy and it has completely eliminated the traditional method of staff management. Now organizations prefer to use this software to perform their work in most efficient and technologically advanced ways. Here are the reasons why staffing software has gained popularity and have become most loved software among its users: Staffing software manages time sheets, pay checks, invoices and other expenditures. There are many softwares that allow workers to manage daily activities like meetings, to-do lists, tracking customer and many more. It leads to increased professionalism in the era when time is more valuable than money, providing the recruiters with an edge over their competitors. The staffing software offers you a much faster searching and communication tools so that you can stay…

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