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Mobile Recruiting: The Essential Tips And Trends For The Recruiters

The number of mobile user has increased in the past decades and almost all of then use internet on there mobile for various purposes. Be it online shopping, ordering a meal, booking movie ticket or listening to music, users first choice is mobile. Seeing the growing number of mobile users that access jobs online, recruitment companies have now shifted towards this market and making websites that is mobile friendly so that they can teach to the wide pool of candidates and hunt the best candidates.

The current trend of mobile recruitment shows that more than 45% of active candidates apply for the job using their smart phones and the number of candidates who view Company carries site is even more. So company must work towards this aspect so that they can lure the most of the candidates that they might lose if there websites is not compatible with mobile.

Here are the tips that will help you to gain maximum from the current trend and stay ahead in the job market

Accept The Reality:

We are living in the era where the mobile phone and tablet are used more. It is easy to use and can be used from anywhere. Many people prefer to use it during their brakes or free time and access the job. So as a recruiter you must understand it and make the changes to your websites so that it supports mobile browsing too.

Provide the right info:

A candidate expects to see correct and latest information related to t6he job openings so your website should be properly managed and user friendly. There should be the information about the job opening that the candidate is looking for .Some times if a candidate wants to know about the company profile then also he can visit to your website so it is necessary to provide adequate information on the website and the detail of the company.

Easy application process:

Your website should have easy application process and fast too. We have seen many candidates who face problem while applying for the job and leave it in the middle just because of the technical difficulties. They can not upload their CV or the process is too big. So make the required changes so that it fits to the user expectations.

So if you do not have a mobile friendly websites then it’s the time to turn into a mobile friendly website that is easy to use and fast.

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